Justin Bieber Starts A Petition Against Gossip Site Hollywood Life, Calls It "Garbage"

"Let's spam and petition to shut this garbage website down."

By Eric Shorey

Celebrities certainly have to put up with a lot of pure bullsh*t being made up about them -- that's the price of fame, ya know? But at least one petulant superstar isn't putting up with it: Justin Bieber is now asking fans to spam gossip site Hollywood Life after they ran a handful of stories on him just this week.

It does seem true that Hollywood Life has a bit of an unhealthy infatuation with the boyish blonde brawler. In the past few days alone, the site has ran a handful of "exclusives" about Biebs, with some of them even getting taken down, presumably due to factual innacuracies. Here's what they ran:

Justin Bieber Flies Hottie Nicola Peltz To Canada For His Concert: He’s ‘Infatuated’

Justin Bieber & Nicola Peltz: He’s Been Crushing On Her ‘Since The Day They Met’

And the few since-deleted ones:

Selena Gomez Totally ‘Over’ Justin Bieber: Begs Friends ‘Not To Say His Name'

Selena Gomez Is Over Justin Bieber: She No Longer Imagines Marriage & Kids

Gigi Hadid Warns Nicola Peltz About Justin Bieber: He’s A ‘Heart-Breaker’ Who’ll Hurt You

Similarly, Bieber is often still tagged in Selena Gomez or Selena Gomez-adjacent articles. Yesterday on Instagram, Justin shared the following image:

Let's spam and petition to shut this garbage website down

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on


The comments section features a handful of fans ready to support their idol -- although how exactly they plan on taking down the site is completely unclear. According to Gossip Cop, Bieber is not the first to speak out against Hollywood Life: "Selena Gomez ... once wrote on Instagram that the webloid is 'never true. Ever.' She also called the outlet the 'worst' in a Billboard interview last year.

Other stars who have ripped the webloid for its inaccurate, misleading, and manipulative stories range from Hailey Baldwin to Austin Mahone."

But is Bieber accidentally giving Hollywood Life more traffic by asking his supporters to go against them? Is this a viable strategy to combat inaccurate reporting? Will other celebs take up similar campaigns?

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