Keke Palmer Destroyed Wendy Williams On Her Own Show

Bet she won't say anything about that Trey Songz incident anymore.

By Aimée Lutkin

A few weeks ago, Wendy Williams spent a whole segment trashing Keke Palmer’s ongoing feud with Trey Songz, essentially blaming her for being manipulated into appearing in his music video. Williams spends a lot of time taking down women, and she never seems terribly worried about a comeback. She was practically drooling when she announced that Keke Palmer would soon be appearing on her show to talk about the drama.

And Keke did come. She came ready. It was glorious. Williams started by asking Palmer to explain what happened, to which Palmer responded, “Well, you know, cause you done told everybody.” The audience was thrilled. It was on.

Palmer added, “But I will say, Wendy, I would have loved to turn on your show and see you be a little bit more compassionate and a little less accusatory.”

Williams stutters, “I couldn’t—”

And Palmer interrupts with, “Why, girl? Cause the gag is: you wasn't there!"

Wild applause and laughter. I’ve never seen Williams look so uncomfortable and it is incredible. Williams attempts to argue that everyone knows singers save money by throwing a house party and rolling the camera. Palmer says that’s true, and it’s “normalized, but is it right?”

Keke continued: “Like forget about what you’re saying to me. The thing is we’re here telling girls it’s okay for them to be in weird and awkward and potentially sexually harassing environment, and they should endure it and not say nothing about it.”

Williams keeps trying to come at her with the argument that she should have left, but Palmer stands her ground, saying, “ I did leave. But if I had to hide in the closet for a couple seconds, what the hell.”

Keke Palmer is my new hero. I’m going to eat lunch in the closet in her honor.

[Screengrab: BET]

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