This Anti-Hotep Anthem Is An Instant Classic

Radha Blank's "Hotep Hoteppin'" will be your favorite music video this year. Press play.

By Jazzi Johnson

Radha Blank, a writer of children’s television shows like Maya The Indian Princess and The Backyardigans, just dropped a gem of a video that serves as the perfect takedown for hoteps and hotepism. Oh, yes. Thank you, sis! Hoteps, for those who don’t know, are thought by some to be "spiritually enlightened" people in the black Hebrew Israelite community. In reality, they are misogynists masquerading as intellectuals, and they preach strange and backwards things about women and their bodies--including the idea that periods are unnatural for women of African ancestry.

Blank’s anti-hotep anthem illustrates that uneducated men should never be our go-to source for anything. (Here’s looking at you, Yada). In this late 80s-themed rap video, reminiscent of early Queen Latifah and MC Lyte, we are first confronted with the "hotep" in his natural habitat: behind a computer, recording and distributing his ignorant theories. Once his little lover appears in the backdrop—a white women—asking for the shea butter, his game is over. Cue Radha—oh, excuse me, I mean RadhaMUSprime, and an instant classic is born. Press play below.

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