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‘I Think I Love You’: Alex Murdaugh Gets Flurry Of Prison Love Letters

"You didn't kill your family,” one woman wrote in a letter to Alex Murdaugh following his conviction and life sentence in March.

By Dorian Geiger
Alex Murdaugh Gets Life Sentence In Wife, Son’s Killings

Alex Murdaugh has gotten a steady stream of ardent messages from a cadre of admirers since he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison last month for killing his wife and son, according to reports.

Murdaugh, 54, has received a series of affectionate notes from a number of fans who are purportedly infatuated with the convicted killer and disbarred legal scion. The letters, which were first obtained by FITSNews via a Freedom of Information Act request, were published Tuesday. 

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"I think I love you," Nicollete K. wrote in a letter to Murdaugh on March 12, while he was being held at the Kirkland Correctional Institution in Columbia, S.C. "I think about you all day everyday. I swear on my life I'll never say a single word to anyone important or not important. I genuinely care for you."

Murdaugh was since relocated, as of March 31, to an undisclosed state maximum-security prison. He’s one of 28 inmates being held in the specialized facility for safety and security reasons, the South Carolina Department of Corrections said, Greenville Online reported. According to FITSNews, Murdaugh had received the flurry of romantic letters prior to his transfer late last month.

Alex Murdaugh's New Mugshot

 "I am just a small town girl from Missouri," a separate woman named Lacie K. wrote, per the message log cited by FITSNews. "I am here if you want to talk. Or vent. XXLacie."

Other Murdaugh devotees proclaimed his innocence in his wife and son’s murder. 

"You didn't kill your family, somebody else did and you don't wanna tell it," Destiny H. wrote. "I give you all the love for not snitching but then again, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do for your freedom."

Another woman, Shianne D., proposed in her note that she could include images of herself so Murdaugh could "put a face to a name." She described herself as a “bored 31-year-old female [who] decided to write a letter to someone who could use a friend too.”

The South Carolina Department of Corrections has since confirmed the authenticity of the jailhouse letters, People reported

Alex Murdaugh was convicted on March 2 for the murder of his wife, Maggie Murdaugh, 52, and youngest son, Paul Murdaugh, 22, who were shot and killed at the family's estate in June 2021. The once prominent attorney was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Murdaugh, who has maintained his innocence since his arrest, intends to appeal the verdict. 

According to the prison message log, Murdaugh was also contacted by Netflix, specifically “Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal” producer Mike Gasparro, who begged the imprisoned former legal scion to grant a jailhouse interview.

Alex Murdaugh Sentencing

"We feel at this point it's very important to have your voice in the [remainder] of our series," Gasparro stated in his letter to Murdaugh, according to FITSNews. "Our first three episodes [were] viewed by 40 million households and also 75 million hours [were] watched in just ten days. Those numbers will continue to rise. We believe you can have the largest platform on TV if you are willing to speak to us."

Some of the jailhouse correspondence included references to Murdaugh’s surviving son, Buster Murdaugh, and unfounded speculation he was somehow tied to a renewed homicide investigation into 19-year-old teenager Stephen Smith, who was mysteriously found dead near the Murdaugh home in 2015.

“I am so proud of Buster for giving a statement about Stephen Smith’s murder,” Laken B. also wrote in her note to Murdaugh.