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Crime News What To Watch On Oxygen

True Love Turns Deadly With These 6 Shocking Murders And Disappearances

From July 15 to 19,Oxygen brings you the latest in star-crossed lovers and lovelorn killers.

By Ted Quarterman
True Crime Buzz: ‘Snapped’ Takes On Betty Broderick And Mary Kay Letourneau Dies at 58

For those who have experienced heartbreak, a breakup can often feel like the end of the world. For a few unfortunate lovers, however, this dreadful feeling became a reality.

From July 15 to 19, Oxygen will be airing a selection of true crime programming that takes fatal attraction to the next level with various installments on the most salacious crimes committed by scorned lovers. 

Episodes of "Snapped," "Killer Couples," and "Criminal Confessions" will explore the doomed romances that resulted in death, and specials "Dirty John: The Dirty Truth" and "The Case Continues: Jodi Arias" remind us that it is not always better to have loved and lost.

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1. "Snapped: Betty Broderick" on Wednesday, July 15 at 8 p.m. ET

Betty Broderick Snapped Use Only

Prominent San Diego lawyer Daniel Broderick was engaged in an extramarital affair with legal assistant Linda Kolkena for months before he filed for divorce from his wife, Betty Broderick, in 1985. Incensed that the father of her four children left her for a younger woman, Betty resolved not to go out without a fight.

Betty reached her breaking point in 1989 when she snuck into Dan and Linda’s Hillcrest home and gunned them down as they slept. “Snapped” recounts all the shocking details surrounding the infamous case that inspired USA’s “Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story.”

The Case Of Betty Broderick

2. "Killer Couples: Kim LeBlanc & Justin Thomas" on Thursday, July 16 at 11 p.m. ET

Kim LeBlanc and Justin Thomas

When University of Texas freshman Kim LeBlanc began to question sexuality, she found herself caught between two irreconcilable relationships. LeBlanc’s ex-girlfriend, Regina Hartwell, still carried a torch for her, even after LeBlanc admitted to her that she wasn’t a lesbian.

Once LeBlanc began dating drug dealer Justin Thomas, Hartwell became determined to intervene.

In June 1995, however, both of LeBlanc’s romances imploded, and she soon found herself helping dispose of one of their bodies. “Killer Couples” retells the gruesome story behind this ill-fated love triangle.

What Was In Kim LeBlanc's Head When Regina Hartwell Was Murdered?

3. “A Wedding and a Murder: Love, Lies and Alibis" on Friday, July 17 at 1 p.m. ET

Marie Singleton

CIA employee Marie Singleton-Jackson had been missing for five days when her car was found abandoned at a Los Angeles beach in November 1994. Local authorities searched the car, finding her cellphone, her purse, and, most surprisingly, the remains of Singleton-Jackson herself curled up in the trunk. She had been strangled, but most of her valuables and personal effects were left behind.

It wasn't until April 2008 that investigators were able to track down her killer with DNA evidence collected from the crime scene. “A Wedding and a Murder” explores the disturbing murder and how her family found justice 14 years later.

4. "Criminal Confessions: Belmont County, OH" on Saturday, July 18 at 8 a.m. ET

On May 7, 2017, police were called to the home of Brad McGarry after his best friend, David Kinney, found McGarry dead in his home with two gunshot wounds to the back of the head. Kinney, who was with his wife and daughter at the time, said the house had been ransacked.

Authorities soon contended, however, that the scene had only been staged to look like a botched burglary, and nothing of value was missing from the home. McGarry’s cousin later informed investigators that on the day of his murder, McGarry went to meet “DJ,” a married man with whom he was having an affair.

“Criminal Confessions” looks back on McGarry’s tragic murder and the killer no one suspected.

5. "Cold Justice: Deadly Affairs" on Saturday, July 18 at 5 p.m. ET

Stacey Devine and Charles Devine

Residents of Jonesboro, Arkansas were shocked by the discovery of Stacey Devine’s body in February 2016. After the hardworking mother was found strangled and left in a ditch, authorities suspected Stacey’s husband, Charles Devine, whom she had been preparing to divorce.

Charles provided investigators with an alibi, however, and the case went cold.

That is, until veteran prosecutor Kelly Siegler joined forces with the Jonesboro police department to pore over Devine’s murder once again. This episode of “Cold Justice” revives the emotional case that stunned the community.

Officer Went Into Sewer On A Skateboard To Look For Evidence In Stacey Devine Case

6. "Snapped: The Case Continues: Jodi Arias" on Sunday, July 19 at 7 p.m. ET

Jodi Arias Ap

When Travis Alexander was found butchered in the shower of his Arizona home in June 2008, those close to him were quick to suggest Alexander’s former girlfriend, Jodi Arias, as a potential suspect. While Arias admitted to killing her ex-boyfriend after he had broken up with her, she claimed she acted in self-defense.

Thanks in no small part to Arias’ frequent media appearances, the ensuing trial generated overwhelming interest not only in Arias and Alexander’s turbulent relationship, but also in Arias’ erratic behavior throughout the investigation.

Arias was convicted of first-degree murder in 2013, but she continues to maintain that she was the victim of an abusive relationship with the late Alexander. In this two-part special, “Snapped: The Case Continues” revisits the grisly killing and the woman at the center of it all.

The Jodi Arias Case, Explained