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What Lengths Did Geraldo Rivera Go To In Hopes Of Talking To Lorena Bobbitt?

Spoiler: Geraldo Rivera even sent Lorena Bobbitt signed pictures of himself. 

By Gina Tron
The Lorena Bobbitt Case, Explained

Geraldo Rivera, host of the tabloid talk show “Geraldo” during the late eighties and throughout most of the nineties really — and we mean really — wanted to score an interview with Lorena Bobbitt.

Amazon’s newly released docu-series, “Lorena” documents the insane lengths that media personalities went to in hopes of getting an interview with Bobbitt, who became a media sensation after she cut off her husband’s penis in June 1993 and then threw it out of a car window.

“One of the people who chased us relentlessly was Geraldo,” Alan Hauge, Bobbitt’s media advisor recalled. “And He was the most obnoxious guy. Just screaming over everybody and pushing his camera crew,”

Apparently, Rivera thought some signed photos would help get Bobbitt’s attention.

“He would send me pictures of himself with his autograph,” Bobbitt explained in the new series.

But, the measures got much more aggressive.

“I remember driving with my attorney and this camera crew of Geraldo Rivera with the big mustache was right next to us and he had a crew of ten people and a couple of vans and bright lights, waving at me,” she said.

More than that, she claimed his camera crews would even come up to the windows of her house to try to film.

“It was so overbearing on her, people chasing her, people showing up, people banging on the backdoor,” Hauge said.

Bobbitt recalled how she handled the media frenzy.

“I would go home and I would just collapse. I didn't’ want to eat. I didn’t want to see anybody. I just wanted to go to my room, close the door and sleep all the time.”

Geraldo Rivera and John Bobbitt

Rivera had better success with Lorena's ex-husband John — the photo above shows them together in 1994 and Bobbitt granted him interviews over the years.