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Crime News Snapped: Killer Couples

Couple Tries To Murder Spiritual Healer They Blamed For Not Fixing Their Bad Luck

Kimberly and Lenorris Williams were unhappy with their marriage and believed Lenorris' ex had hexed him. So, they turned to a spiritual healer named Georgia Green — but the arrangement soon turned bloody.

By Benjamin H. Smith

Georgia Green spent her life helping others through her spiritual healing and faith counseling. When she was unable to change one couple’s fortunes, however, they tried to kill her.    

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Green was born and raised in Baker County, Georgia, one of 10 children. In her 20s she had two daughters of her own, Rhonda and Ramona, and raised them as a single mother. 

“She taught us how to cook, clean, everything. It was necessary. We were raised by a strong woman,” daughter Ramona Newton told “Snapped: Killer Couples,” airing Sundays at 6/5c on Oxygen.

A devout Christian, faith played an important part throughout Green’s life. She taught Bible study and delivered sermons in her living room.

Green later married a fellow pastor, Luke Griffin, with whom she built up a devoted following. Besides preaching and teaching, Georgia also provided marital and spiritual counseling. 

“She calls herself a healer. A lot of people come to her for healing and they come to her for counseling,” daughter Rhonda Walker told “Snapped: Killer Couples.”

Unfortunately, Green and Griffin divorced around 2004. However, he still lived nearby, building a house on the same parcel of land where she lived. Rhonda and Ramona also built homes on the property. 

Georgia Green featured in Snapped: Killer Couples

But on the afternoon of April 24, 2017, 911 received a frantic call from Ramona Newton. She said her mother’s house was on fire. 

“I told them I heard a loud noise and ran out the front door to see what was going on,” says Newton.

Newton feared her mother was still inside. After circling the house several times, she heard her mother’s voice coming from behind her.  

“I heard my mama’s voice and when I turned around, she was laying down with her hand up. I saw blood. I saw a lot of blood,” said Ramona.

Green was rushed to the nearest hospital. By the time firefighters arrived, the house was engulfed in flames. Though the blaze was ultimately extinguished, the home was destroyed. 

"Upon further examination it was determined that the fire was started by means of an accelerant,” Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Brandon Shiver told “Snapped: Killer Couples.”

Green had been stabbed over 27 times, according to local newspaper the Albany Herald. She was in critical condition, unable to talk, and had multiple strokes while in the hospital.

Investigators spoke with Luke Griffin who was working on the property with Ramona’s husband, Brad, on the morning of the fire. While they were working, a local man named Lenorris Williams approached and told them Green’s house was on fire. 

Authorities put out a BOLO for Lenorris and his wife, Kimberly. They were spotted less than an hour later in a cemetery two miles away from Green’s home and brought in for questioning.

Lenorris told investigators he and his wife went to see Green for spiritual healing. He claimed he saw a man enter her home and stay inside for around 25 minutes. After the man left, Lenorris said smoke started coming out of the home, so he went inside to find Green. After being overcome by smoke, he left the residence and told Griffin and Green’s son-in-law. 

Why the healing from Green? Lenorris and Kimberly Williams had been together for four years. Kimberly was a single mother with two children when they met. A year into their relationship, they had a child together. They were married in 2015 and the early years of their relationship were filled with happiness. However, they soon began experiencing financial hardship, a situation made worse when Lenorris lost his job. The couple then fought all the time.  

The Williamses began seeing Green for her healing powers. Lenorris described Green as a “root doctor,” a common folkway in the rural South, and believed that his bad luck was the result of a hex from an ex-girlfriend. 

“They were paying her money for prayers and various mixtures of potions or herbs to get the bad roots off him,” explained Shiver.

They weren't exactly happy with the results, though.

Kimberly and Lenorris Williams featured in Snapped: Killer Couples

“She did her thing and, it’s like, we supposed to prosper, but we wasn’t,” Lenorris told investigators in his videotaped interview, which was obtained by “Snapped: Killer Couples.”

In her interview, Kimberly Williams claimed she was asleep when she arrived at Green’s home and awoke to her husband telling her the house was on fire. But as she repeatedly went over the chain of events, her story began to fall apart and she eventually implicated her husband in the attack on Green. 

“He did it. He did it to that woman,” Kimberly told investigators in her videotaped interview, which was obtained by “Snapped: Killer Couples.” 

Kimberly claimed she wasn’t in the house when her husband attacked Green. A search warrant was subsequently obtained to examine the contents of her purse. 

“We found a notebook with some writings about Georgia Green. The writings seemed to be aggressive or angry in nature towards Georgia. We also found a discount store receipt where a knife and a roll of duct tape was purchased in the morning of the day of the incident,” said Shiver. 

When confronted with this evidence, Lenorris admitted going to Green’s house to confront her about the money they had already paid her. 

“We paid to help us, it was $375. Then one time we paid her $150. I’m like, ‘I don’t see no improvement,” Lenorris told investigators in his second videotaped interview, which was obtained by “Snapped: Killer Couples.”

According to Lenorris, Green said she could start the healing process over but that it would cost more money, which they didn’t have, and they started to argue. He claimed Georgia attacked him and that he stabbed her in self-defense.   

Lenorris said Kimberly had nothing to do with the attack. However, when confronted with Kimberly’s statement that he attacked Green, Lenorris changed his story once again. 

“[Kimberly] stabbed her,” Lenorris told detectives, alleging that the entire attack was her idea. 

Lenorris Williams, 33, and Kimberly Williams, 36, were arrested and charged with arson in the first degree, aggravated assault, and attempt to commit murder, according to Albany, Georgia, NBC/ABC-affiliate WALB.

On May 8, Georgia Green regained consciousness and spoke with investigators. She said the Williamses showed up at her home unannounced on the morning of the attack and asked to see her.  

“[Lenorris] grabbed a bowl off my desk and he went and hit me across the head with it. He said, ‘Where's the money, bitch?’” Green told “Snapped: Killer Couples.” “When I stood up, [Kimberly] came up to me with a knife. She stabbed me around the neck, in my back, close to my heart, anywhere she could.”

Green fell to the floor and pretended she was dead while the Williamses rummaged through her desk looking for money. 

“He said, ‘Get the gas.’ They splashed the gas all over the walls, everywhere, all the gas, poured gas all over me. They lit it up, they were burning,” said Green.

After the Williamses left, Green realized she didn’t have much time. Despite her injuries, she found the strength to get up and get out before her home was engulfed in flames. She then hid in the woods and stayed quiet until she was found. 

A day before Lenorris’ trial was to begin, he entered a “blind plea,” admitting his guilt without a deal in place and leaving his sentence up to a judge. Kimberly followed suit, admitting her part in the attempt on Green’s life. 

In February 2020, Kimberly Williams was sentenced to 35 years in prison and five years probation. Lenorris Williams was sentenced to 30 years in prison and 10 years probation, according to Albany, Georgia, Fox-affiliate WFXL

Lenorris Williams is scheduled for release in 2047 at the age of 63. Kimberly Williams is scheduled for release in 2052, when she will be 72. 

Over the course of her recovery, Georgia Green has experienced numerous struggles and setbacks but remains upbeat about her fate and future. 

“A lot of people wouldn’t have survived what I went through with. What I went through with, they couldn’t even have made it out of that fire. And that’s why I say I’m blessed,” said Green.     

For more on this case and others like it, watch “Snapped: Killer Couples,” airing Sundays at 6/5c on Oxygen or stream episodes here.