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The Best True Crime Podcasts To Listen To While You're Stuck Indoors

Coronavirus has more people than ever staying home, so you'll be needing podcast options.

By Courtney Brogle

As the U.S. grapples with the potential threat of the novel coronavirus spreading, millions of Americans have begun or will soon start working from home. Without the regular face-to-face interactions that come with working in a communal workspace, it may seem that your days are bound to become filled with more quiet than normal.

But perhaps there is no better time than now to tune into a true crime podcast. You can immerse yourself in an intriguing, seemingly unbelievable true crime story from the comfort of your own home — while still getting your work done, of course.

We've rounded up some of the most interesting and jaw-dropping true crime podcasts available this spring, so you can learn about small-town crime, gruesome murders, and even game show knowledge, all while staying safe from germs.

The "Crimes of Passion" podcast covers a different love story turned true crime investigation every week. Their latest installment is a two-part series on Michelle Carter, the young woman who notoriously encouraged her boyfriend to die by suicide. Although she initially seemed very eager to help her boyfriend, Conrad Roy, through his struggles with depression, she changed her approach in July 2014. Especially after her prison release this past January, this podcast offers a detailed history of how Carter tried to get away with involuntary manslaughter.

This podcast is great for true crime fanatics that can't get enough content. From Monday through Friday, you can work remotely while listening to a new true crime episode, with topics ranging from female criminals to unsolved murder mysteries. Their "Serial Killer" genre offers an in-depth look at a popular criminal and the implications of their case. The latest episode of "False Confessions" looks at Henry Lee Lucas, who in the mid-1980s confessed to nearly 600 murders, most of which were subsequently disproven. The episode examines how Lucas' case opened a discussion on how U.S. officials interrogate suspects.

This podcast highlights the big crimes happening in Small Town, USA and the frustrations of local police work. Hosted by Yeardley Smith — better known as the voice of Lisa Simpson on "The Simpsons" — anonymous twin detectives Dan and Dave tell true crime stories with the help of the investigators assigned to those cases. Each episode tackles the difficulties small town law enforcement deals with and celebrates the victories their guests experience with each case they close.

For fans of the true crime stories involving Satanic cults, this podcast details the allegations and truth behind the Satanic Ritual Abuse panic of the 1980s. While no evidence exists of the rumored horrors children were exposed to, Season 6 of the CBC original looks at the cold case in Martensville, Saskatchewan. What began as a sexual assault allegation turned into a "Satanic panic."

Study abroad programs are affected by much more than just virus pandemics. For the women featured in WBEZ Chicago's "Motive,"  it can turn into a fight for justice in the face of sexual abuse. More than 30 women found strength in Gabrielle Vega, who came forward in 2018 with claims that she was drugged and raped by her tour guide while abroad in Spain, and their formerly untold stories are particularly powerful in the age of the #MeToo movement.

True crime fans can put their knowledge to the test in the first true crime podcast game show. The show features two contestants (as listeners at home play along as well) who go head-to-head to answer as many multiple choice questions correctly on a famous serial killer, scandal, or murder. Perhaps this is a podcast best-suited for your lunch break.

This eight-part podcast follows the murders of two young girls, Abby Williams and Libby German, whose case made headlines in 2017 when a grainy photo and brief recording from one of the girls' phone — in which the killer orders them "down the hill" — came to light. Three years later, the case is still open, and the Indiana police believe the killer may still walk among them.

This podcast examines a new missing person case each week and the mysterious circumstances behind their disappearance. Part of the initiative is to shed light on unsolved cases with the goal of finally closing them. Interviews also feature loved ones still searching for answers, so be sure to keep a few extra tissues on hand.

"Swindled" takes a close look at white-collar crimes and corporate true crime villains. From Ponzi schemes to environmental disasters, this podcast covers some of the more frightening true crime stories that affect innocent workers across the country. It even features unique narrative storytelling methods and archival audio for each episode. Especially for those who work in the corporate world, listening to the different con artist stories can be particularly eye-opening.

You didn't think we'd forget about our own true crime podcast, did you? Oxygen's very own "Martinis & Murder" covers plenty of creepy crimes and mysterious murders, while hosts John Thrasher and Daryn Carp enjoy a refreshing adult beverage. Each episode highlights a different true crime story, complete with its crazy yet true details and the various theories about each crime. The latest episode covers the story of Thelma Metcalf, who died while receiving kidney dialysis. The question is, was it more than a tragic accident?

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