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'I Hope She Does Better This Time Around,' Casey Anthony's Dad Says About Baby Rumors

But if his daughter does have another child, George Anthony doesn't expect to be involved in their life because he and Casey are "like oil and water," he tells Dr. Oz. 

By Gina Tron

The father of Casey Anthony said he hopes his daughter "does better this time around" if she ends up having another baby, even though he wouldn’t be part of that child’s life.

Anthony was acquitted in 2011 of murder in the death of her daughter Caylee. She was just 21 when her daughter died in 2008. It was weeks before the child's disappearance was reported to authorities, and Caylee's body was not found until approximately six months later. Her trial became a national obsession, with nearly 40 million Americans tuning into at least part of the trial.

Appearing Thursday on "Dr. Oz," George Anthony addressed rumors that his daughter has expressed interest in having another baby.

“If she is granted a chance to have another child, I hope that child is strong, grows up to be a worthwhile part of society and the person that she has the child with I hope they are going to love her and that child immensely,” he said, adding, "I hope she does better this time around than what she did last time."

However, he said he wouldn’t be part of that child’s life because “Casey and I right now, it’s like oil and water, one of us is floating one of us is sinking or something.”

George Anthony added that he doesn’t trust his daughter anymore because of some of the things she has said and done. During the trial, Casey Anthony's defense team alleged that he molested Casey when she was a child, an allegation he strongly denied. 

Her lawyer reportedly told jurors, "Casey was raised to lie. [...] She could be 13 years old, have her father's penis in her mouth, and then go to school and play with the other kids as if nothing ever happened.”

Casey Anthony's mother Cindy Anthony was also on Thursday's show, and she sat on the same couch as George Anthony.

During the episode, George Anthony said he still grapples with his granddaughter's death.

"I want the answers to why Caley is no longer with us," he said. "Why she [Casey] victimized her family, why she ultimately victimized Caylee. What she did to her mom, what she did to me and her brother."

Both parents admitted they still feel anger towards their daughter.

"You want to hug her but you want to strangle her at the same time," Cindy Anthony said.

"Yeah," George Anthony agreed. "I want to squeeze her until she tells me what the truth is."

[Photo: Getty Images]