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Crime News Seduced By Evil

Doctor Remembers Being Held Hostage By Con Artist Derek Alldred In Puerto Rico: 'I Thought I Was Going To Die'

At one point, Dr. Kimberly even tried to flag down a passing car to escape her scammer boyfriend Derek Alldred.

By Aly Vander Hayden
Seduced by Evil: Kimberly Attempts to Escape from Derek Alldred

When Dr. Kimberly met successful financier Derek Alldred on an online dating site, she thought it was the perfect match.

"Derek's profile matched my profile 100 percent," Kimberly told the documentary "Seduced By Evil” that aired on Oxygen. "I was a surfer, I cooked, I was a triathlete, and he was all the same."

Though Kimberly disclosed that she was initially a little skeptical of Alldred and his flourishing business, she went to great lengths to confirm his identity.

"I call the number that he has and I get a secretary who has worked for him. His LinkedIn account — he had reviews," said Kimberly. "It didn't look suspicious at all. I couldn't find anything." 

What she did not know was that Alldred was a career romance scammer who had a long history of targeting intelligent but vulnerable single women from whom he stole thousands of dollars. And when she began to catch on, Alldred proved he would do anything to keep his secret.

Dr. Kimberly on flight with romance scammer Derek Alldred from documentary "Seduced By Evil."

[Photo: Courtesy of Efran Films]

Toward the end of their relationship, Alldred told Kimberly that he booked a vacation to Puerto Rico with a few other couples. Once they landed on the island, however, their romantic getaway quickly morphed into a hostage-type situation, said Kimberly.

"I go to grab my license out of my purse — my license is missing," recounted Kimberly. "No ID, no money. We got to check in at a hotel, and Derek's American Express card gets declined. And we are basically homeless in Puerto Rico. Nowhere to stay; no tickets going anyhwere else.”

But what was worse was the change in her otherwise loving boyfriend’s behavior.

“And then Derek seems different. Not that charming person you meet the first time. He never left my side, ever. He was never more than two inches."

Kimberly told "Seduced By Evil" that she was terrified and called her father to try to get back home. When her father explained he had been trying to reach her since she left, Kimberly realized Alldred had rerouted all of her calls and voicemails to his own phone. 

"I couldn't talk to anybody," said Kimberly. "He wants to be a controller in some sick sort of way. I couldn't get away from him."

At one point, Kimberly said she tried to run away and even flagged down a car. Alldred immediately went after her and stopped her from escaping. 

"I was scared. He has a look, an evil look, and I was just like, 'You know, dude, he could kill me.' I thought I was really gonna die in Puerto Rico. I really did. I have nightmares about it still," she said.

Kimberly was trapped with Alldred for days before he managed to secure a flight back to the United States and "find" her license, which Kimberly believes he had the entire time. Before departing Puerto Rico, Kimberly said Alldred threatened to ruin her personal and professional life if she ended the relationship.

Dr. Kimberly with Derek Alldred

[Photo: Courtesy of Efran Films]

Safely back home, Kimberly discovered Alldred had completely wiped out her financial accounts — stealing more than $35,000 in fraudulent checks, $60,000 in fraudulent credit and a $28,000 advance he managed to get from her job. Kimberly ultimately had to bankrupt her business with only $6 in her bank account.

"He destroyed everything," said Kimberly. "I think he had taken me to Puerto Rico with no intention of bringing me back. Because if I'd discovered what he had done, it was too much of a risk."

After clearing her out, Alldred abandoned Kimberly and went on to defraud at least six more women. His crimes caught up to him in 2018, however, when he was sentenced to 24 years in prison for one count of mail fraud and two counts of aggravated identity fraud, reported the Star Tribune. He is currently incarcerated at a penitentiary in Lompoc, California.

To hear how Kimberly and Alldred's other victims banded together to bring down the con man, watch "Seduced By Evil" on Oxygen.[Photo: Courtesy of Efran Films]