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Crime News Seduced By Evil

Romance Scammer Derek Alldred In Exclusive NCIS Interrogation Video Clip: ‘I’m Not Really Stupid’

Derek Alldred scammed more than two dozen women of millions of dollars using personas and promises to gain their trust. And then he got caught.

By Aditi Kini
Seduced By Evil Bonus: NCIS Interrogation With Derek Alldred

Derek Alldred spent many years flitting from relationship to relationship — like a lot of people in modern dating culture.

What distinguishes him as a special kind of bad was he was scamming the women who entered into loving relationships with him — at least 27 women, in fact, from whom he stole approximately two million dollars.

Alldred’s story is the subject of the documentary “Seduced by Evil” on Oxygen.

There is conjecture as to whether Alldred is a sociopath — the hallmarks of which include deceitfulness and lack of conscience. The women who he hurt financially and emotionally agree he meets the criteria.

Now you can be the judge: here’s an exclusive clip of his interrogation with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), which got involved after complaints of Alldred using fake naval uniforms for personal gain — “stolen valor” — caught up to him. He had told a woman he was dating in Texas that he, “Rich Tailor,” was an employee of the Department of Defense and worked as a Navy pilot.

In the interrogation, Alldred claims to have worked in sales for most of his life. With his answers vacillating from truth to fabrication, the agents get visibly tired of him. When they ask him why he came to Texas, he can’t seem to make up his mind.

“Get away… strike that, I’ve lived here in the ’90s too!” says Alldred, his calm veneer almost breaking. When asked about his plans for employment, he said he was definitely thinking about it. But doing what?

“Didn’t really give it much thought,” he says, almost nonchalantly.

In this clip, he gives off the confidence of a man trying to put his life back together. He seems earnest and collected, which is part of what made Alldred such a good actor able to inhabit so many roles. He mentions having gone to prison in California and Minnesota, and how early in life he didn’t have such issues.

“Never got in trouble, you know, I went off the deep end real quick, and kept going off, I guess.”

His situation, prison time and all, was because of drugs, he adds. One California felony conviction among his six was for dressing up as a firefighter chief to steal drugs from emergency rooms, the Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported.

“I was going around and getting pills, and doing dope, smoking heroin. Yeah. Got hooked, got in real trouble, the wheels fell of real quick. Never been the same since.” 

In this clip, Alldred said he sought a fresh start: but there are no second chances after what he did.

“I’m not really stupid. You know…it’s a mess, I don’t really know at this point.”

Alldred was sentenced to 24 years in prison for aggravated identity theft and mail fraud, reported the Star Tribune, after some of the women he had defrauded in the past banded together to take him down. 

Learn all about him — and the strength of these women — in “Seduced by Evil,” on Oxygen.