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Crime News Seduced By Evil

How The Minnesota Women Derek Alldred Simultaneously Love-Conned Found Out About Each Other, Video

Once Linda Dyas, Missi Brandt and Kimberly Nelson discovered they were all dating the same romance scammer, they vowed to bring him down.

By Aly Vander Hayden
Seduced By Evil Bonus: Derek Alldred’s Alias Rich Peterson Is A Sloppy Mistake

Following a string of cons in 2016, serial romance scammer Derek Alldred started to slip up. Going by the persona “Richard Peterson,” Alldred was dating three Minnesota women at the same time — Linda Dyas, Missi Brandt and Kimberly Nelson. They all lived within 15 minutes of each other.

In an exclusive bonus clip, these three women, featured in the documentary special “Seduced by Evil” on Oxygen, recount how their lives and relationships unknowingly overlapped for months.

Brandt was the first to uncover “Richard’s” true identity. On a hunch, she went through his wallet and found a Minnesota state ID belonging to “Derek Alldred,” along with Dyas’ credit cards. Brandt Googled Alldred, and mugshots and news articles about his career as a con man popped up. Brandt eventually tracked down Dyas on Facebook and messaged her everything she had unearthed about “Richard." 

Derek Alldred with Missi Brandt.

Soon after Dyas and Brandt discovered they were dating the same con artist, the two began “comparing notes.” Alldred had been in a motorcycle accident near the end of their respective relationships, and the women visited his hospital room “within minutes of each other.” A boat Alldred had gifted Brandt and her two children was also given to Dyas and her son. They later learned it had been purchased with Dyas’ money.

Dyas and Brandt found out about Nelson when a care package addressed to “Richard Peterson” arrived at Dyas’ house, where Alldred was temporarily living. Brandt located Nelson’s return address and dropped off a damning stack of printouts detailing Alldred’s crime spree.

A Post-It note at the top read, “After you’ve read this, give me a call. – Missi.”

Once the three women got together, Nelson realized she had even met Dyas’ parents.

“She had actually, before I had moved in with Rich, come to my house when my parents were in town and knocked on the door looking for Rich,” remembered Dyas. “And she met my mother and my father.”

Alldred stepped outside Dyas’ home, telling Nelson that Dyas’ parents were his aunt and uncle from Texas. He told Dyas’ parents Nelson was a summer intern at a local university, where he was supposedly finishing up his PhD in political science. Alldred had also told Nelson and Dyas he volunteered at a nearby homeless shelter, but he had actually been living there before he moved in with Dyas.

Though the women were astonished by Alldred’s brazen lies, they vowed to put an end to his scams.

To find out how Alldred was finally brought to justice by the many women he had wronged, watch “Seduced by Evil” on Oxygen.

[Photo: Courtesy of Efran Films]