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'It's Scary There Are People Like That' — Olympians Reveal Why They Love True Crime

Oxygen spoke with athletes competing in the 2022 Winter Olympics and 2022 Paralympics about what they find interesting about true crime. 

By Becca van Sambeck
Find Out Which Olympians Love True Crime Docs Ahead of the Winter Games on NBC and Peacock

True crime fans are a dedicated bunch. And while it's certainly a darker genre than most, there are also a lot of die-hard fans out there — even among the Olympian community.

Ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics, airing on NBC and Peacock beginning February 3, and the Paralympics, beginning March 4, Oxygen spoke with Olympians about their love of true crime.

"If someone saw my Netflix history, they'd be probably think, 'What is wrong with this girl?' because it’s either baking shows or true crime mysteries," cross-country skier Oksana Masters laughed, with Kaillie Humphries, a member of the U.S. Olympics Bobsled Team, adding, "I think it's just something that naturally interests me."

But why exactly does it speak to them?

"I guess I’m fascinated by the nature of the crime," said Oyuna Uranchimeg, a member of the USA Paralympic Curling Team. " ... What goes on in people's head to commit certain acts."

Snowboarder Chloe Kim agrees, saying, "It's scary that there are people like that — but it's also interesting from afar."

The athletes also spoke to Oxygen about their motive: AKA what motivates them in their sports career.

"Snow sports are in my family, it’s just always been there. One day my parents were like, 'Here’s a pink snowboard, Maddie. Do you wanna try to
learn?' And I was like yeah!" snowboarder Maddie Mastro said.

For others it's all about the thrill of the sport.

"I have such a passion for the sport and being in the snow and in the mountains. Love of the sport is at the base of it all," skier Jaelin Kauf said, with fellow Olympian Alex Hall adding, "I really truly love skiing. And I think that’s what kind of keeps me going."

Of course, it isn't always easy. "It can be difficult to stay motivated. You have to work at it," said Summer Britcher, a member of the luge team.

For more on Olympians' true crime favorites, motivations, and even their alternate career options, check out the video, above. And be sure to tune in when the 2022 Winter Olympics begin February 3 on NBC and Peacock.

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