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Very Real

6 Times Celebs Were Unapologetically Petty On Social Media


By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
6 Shocking Social Media Crimes

We've all done it before. Whether it's by subtweeting, vaguebooking, or throwing shade in the hashtags, we've all let our petty sides out to play on social media — celebrities included.

Here are 6 times A-listers got shady and downright messy on social media.

1. Rihanna

Don't ever come for Rihanna or her much-loved Fenty Beauty line. While most of us are still losing it over the expansive range of foundation shades Fenty Beauty offers, Rihanna's overnight ascension to beauty brand royalty has clearly left some of her competitors shook.

Last year, Makeup Forever took a shot at the singer's company by writing, "40 shades is nothing new to us," in an Instagram caption. The comment was taken by many as a reference to the shine Fenty Beauty's been getting due to the brand's commitment to offering products for every skin tone, and Rihanna clapped back with a quickness.

"Lol. still ashy," she wrote in response, adding the shrug emoji and increasing the savageness of her comment by like, 50% at least. She then drove the final nail in MF's coffin with a second comment: "Shook."

When will people learn? Don't come for Rihanna. Seriously  just don't.

2. P. Diddy

Is P. Diddy not a fan of the KarJenners? That's what fans were wondering last year after it seemed pretty definite that the music mogul had thrown an intentional bit of shade at the Jenner sisters.

Here's what happened: Diddy, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner, along with a ton of other celebs, all attended the Met Gala last year. The three took a picture together with a handful of other attendees, including Wiz Khalifa and Jaden Smith. Here's where it gets a tiny bit messy, though — while Kylie posted the original version of the pic to her Instagram, Diddy posted an edited version on his IG that shows everyone in the photo except Kendall and Kylie.

Was Diddy being shady by cropping out Kendall and Kylie? This one may be up for debate, but there's no denying that if Diddy really did intentionally crop out the reality TV stars to leave only his ideal squad in the pic, it's one of the most savage social media moves ever.

3. Kim Kardashian

When she's not stirring up controversy with culturally appropriative shenanigans, Kim Kardashian has been known to get petty on social media. After all, this is the woman who nearly broke Twitter by dropping the receipts to back up her allegations about Taylor Swift purposefully making her husband Kanye West look bad.

That incident alone makes it pretty obvious that Kimberly has a savage side, and she let that savage side out to play while defending her sister Khloe Kardashian earlier this year. During a recent interview, Khloe's ex-husband Lamar Odom was asked when he knew his relationship with Khloe was over. His response?

"When she was with her second or third NBA ball player, I could see that," Odom said, throwing shade at his ex in front of the interviewers, God, and the entire world.

Kim opted not to let such slander against her little sis slide, and wrote on Twitter, "Or second or third brothel."

Yikes. Kim didn't come to play that day.

4. Amber Rose

It was the hashtag to end all hashtags. It was the clapback heard 'round the world. It was just plain savage. Possible sexual shaming aside, no one expected Amber Rose to bring up her ex's bedroom tastes during a social media fight, but that's exactly what happened after Kanye West began feuding  with Amber's ex-husband Wiz Khalifa.

To be fair, it's not hard to understand what set Amber off; Kanye went in on Wiz with reckless abandon, even going as far as saying that he "owns" Wiz and Amber's son. Once Kanye brought Sebastian into, Amber let him have it, tweeting savage response after savage response. Still, there is one tweet that will forever live on in the Twitter Hall of Fame (if there was one).

"Awww @kanyewest are u mad I'm not around to play in ur a**hole anymore?" Amber wrote, adding the hashtag "FingersInTheBootyA**B*tch" and a pointing emoji.

And talk about standing by what she said  Amber never deleted the tweet, while Kanye did delete his. Does this mean that even he admits that he crossed the line that time?

5. Chris Rock

This is true.

A post shared by Chris Rock (@chrisrock) on

What did Selena Gomez ever do to Chris Rock? Probably nothing, but the comedian's attempt to share a funny meme ended up being read as a totally shady moment by some.

Back when Beyonce was on the road for her Formation tour, Rock gave props to her while also slamming Selena, in a way. He posted a meme featuring a photo of Selena performing in a gold leotard, with the words, "When you buy your Formation tickets on Craigslist."

"This is true," Rock wrote in the caption, just to really drive the point home. #SorryNotSorry, basically.

6. K. Michelle

K. Michelle is another celeb who's not shy about speaking her mind on social media. When Kylie Jenner stepped out in a nearly identical hairstyle to the one Kimberly was currently rocking, she pointed it out on social media by commenting on a side-by-side comparison of both of their looks.

"Mood: I like mine better. I do. Mine looks magical like I ride unicorns," she wrote on Instagram. "I think she looks great, don't get me wrong. I like mine better. I said what I said now hush."

You heard the woman. She said what she said.

[Photo: Getty Images]