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Very Real

Blac Chyna Just Came For Wendy Williams' Entire Life In An Epic Instagram Rant

The talk show host may have gone too far this time.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
Wendy Williams is the Queen of Throwing Shade

It looks like Wendy Williams has made herself another enemy, and this time it's Blac Chyna.

On Friday's episode of The Wendy Williams Show, Wendy went off about Chyna, Rob, and their relationship, commenting on everything from Rob's weight to Chyna's alleged intentions with him. She basically called her a gold digger, saying matter-of-factly, "Oh, she's not attracted to him."

"Rob, and here's my thought with you," she said later. "This is not about your weight, Rob, this is about you not having a swagger. And also not caring about how you look. Rob, there are more things that fit a fella like you than just a black T-shirt, and some black jeans and a stupid hat."

Besides criticizing Rob for not being assertive enough, she even threw shade at Chyna's mom, Tokyo Toni, saying, "It's very fun to watch [Chyna] and her mom Tokyo Toni come up off of the backs of people who don't see through their ruse."

Unsurprisingly, Chyna went OFF in an Instagram rant aimed at her new mortal enemy.

"You lost your mother*ckin mind hoe," she wrote. "How dare you speak on me, my fiance, and my mom like you were at the Christmas table with us?!"

"Rob is MY MAN! MINE!" she wrote later. "I love him for who he is which is why we are together. Therefore it doesn't f**king matter what you 'Think' or 'Want' him to be he's not for you B***h!

Chyna then went in on Wendy's looks and suggested that her husband is abusive. Yeah, it got pretty ugly.

Tokyo Toni then joined the fray, writing on Instagram that she intends to sue Wendy for defamation; Toni claims that the talk show host's comments have caused her to have anxiety and depression, which is negatively affecting her ability to work.


Something tells me this is one celeb feud that's only just beginning. You can watch the original segment that started it all below.

[Photo: Getty Images]