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Crime News What To Watch On Oxygen

Confrontations, Confessions and Cold-Hearted Conniving: Oxygen Shows Feature True Crime Caught On Tape

Oxygen shows like "Murder for Hire," "Criminal Confessions" and "In Ice Cold Blood" feature real-life footage of killers plotting and breaking under police interrogation.

By Erik Hawkins

Following complex investigations and learning killers' motives for their shocking crimes is part of why viewers turn to Oxygen for a vast array of true crime content. But nothing compares to the vicarious thrill of watching schemes unfold or killers cracking before your eyes on tape — and Oxygen has viewers covered there, too.

These series feature actual police video of stings in which jilted lovers and greedy family members solicit undercover detectives to kill for them. Watch real interrogation footage of murderers lying to investigators' faces and secretly recorded meetings between guilty parties plotting to deceive or worse. See killers confronted on tape by law enforcement — and their shocking reactions when they realize they've been caught.

It's easier than ever to dive into Oxygen's slate of shows featuring shocking real footage of killers plotting and cracking under pressure, with full episodes available streaming on your TV, smartphone or computer, wherever you are. Watch episodes with the Oxygen App, available on iOS and Android by simply entering your cable, digital or satellite TV subscription information — or take advantage of three free credits Oxygen offers for watching without signing in. Most shows are also available on AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku and through Chromecast. Individual episodes can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu and Google Play as well.

Shows that are in-season can be streamed live with your Sling TV, Hulu Live TV or YouTube TV subscription. And you can always watch whole episodes right here at Oxygen.com by entering your cable subscription information. Pick the platform that works for you and take a shot of true crime on tape — straight, no chaser — with Oxygen!

Criminal Confessions Sneak Peek 101: The Blue Cactus

For a unique, up-close look at the psychological battle that goes on in the police interrogation room, check out “Criminal Confessions,” from “Law & Order” creator Dick Wolf. Learn the tactics detectives use to wring confessions from suspects and watch killers describe in their own words what they did, and why they did it. In one episode, viewers observe a detective coaxing Baton Rouge serial killer Sean Vincent Gillis into a confession by buttering him up with praise and calling him “one of the best.” A special 90-minute episode also focuses on the Chris Watts family massacre case and how detectives wrung a confession from Watts.

Chris Watts Reveals New Details About How He Murdered His Family
MFH Thumb

When jealousy or greed takes over, sometimes people can resort to putting a price on another's life. Oxygen's “Murder for Hire” captures painstaking police stings, with detectives going deep undercover as hit men to catch would-be killers before they can take down their intended victims. The reactions of those targets are also caught on camera as they learn that someone close to them has been secretly plotting to have them killed, usually just for money. You won't believe your ears as a prison guard romances an inmate, then tries to have her husband killed, and an angry dad tells an undercover officer to “have fun” killing his daughter's ex.

Murder for Hire Sneak Peek: Informant Marckensy Louissaint Almost Gets Caught
Abuse Expert Breaks Down Steve Powell's Videos Of Daughter-In-Law: He Believes 'He’s Doing Nothing Wrong'

Susan Cox Powell was a 28-year-old mother of four when she mysteriously vanished, leaving behind a lurid, baffling mystery that led to a shocking double-murder-suicide. Powell left behind a mysterious will hinting that if she disappeared, it was not likely an accident. And Oxygen's four-hour special brings to light a shocking series of surreptitiously recorded videos of Powell made by her father-in-law, who harbored a dangerous obsession with his son's young bride. Viewers' skin will crawl as they see through the eyes of the father-in-law, who admitted, “I have never lusted for a woman as I do for Susan.”

Steve Powell Confesses He’s ‘In Love’ With Daughter-In-Law In Secret Recording

4. In Ice Cold Blood — 'Two Prints'

IICB, 203

Hosted by the legendary Ice-T, “In Ice Cold Blood” brings to life twisted crime stories in which jealousy, lust or greed sparks terrible violence. Many episodes feature real-life interrogation or hidden-camera footage, but “Two Prints,” from Season 3, includes a truly shocking scene from the police interview with a suspect in the gruesome 1998 murder of San Francisco's Lisa Valdez. Twelve years after the murder, authorities have their man, Anthony Hughes, and confront him with what they know. Hughes asks for something to write with, and authorities think he is about to write out a confession. What Hughes does next will leave you gasping.

Lisa Valdez's Body Was Found Decomposing In Her Apartment

5. A Lie To Die For — 'A Partnership of Lies'

A Lie To Die For Bonus: Ed Shin Had A Secret, Shady Past

The webs people weave to keep up appearances or for their financial gain sometimes spin out of control and end in murder. “A Lie To Die For” collects some of the most shocking cases of deception carried too far and often features unbelievable police interview footage of suspects squirming. The story of Ed Shin features a faked kidnapping and the murder of a business partner by a man prosecutors called a gold medalist in the “Liar Olympics.” Watch as savvy detectives butter Shin up by praising his business acumen, then gradually break him down until he admits to a brutal murder.

A Lie To Die For Sneak: Chris Smith's Family's Suspicions Deepened

6. Killer Couples — 'Erin Caffey and Charlie Wilkinson'

Killer Couples 1306 5

One of the most disturbing episodes of “Killer Couples” ever tells of the Caffey family massacre in Texas. Sixteen-year-old Erin Caffey plotted the murder of her parents — and eventually her two younger brothers — with her older boyfriend, Charlie Wilkinson. Erin tried to pose as a victim, but detectives quickly unraveled the twisted plot the teen lovers had concocted in order to be together. Shocking police interview footage shows Erin as she spins a tale about “ninjas” invading her home, and Wilkinson finally breaking under police pressure and admitting everything.

The Slaughter Of The Caffey Family Unearthed A Dark Love Affair