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Crime News In Ice Cold Blood

These Ice-T Quotes From 'Law & Order SVU' Show Us That Fin Tutuola Is The New York City Detective We All Need

I hope you like hot wings, because we are on the next plane to Buffalo.

By Gina Pace
In Ice Cold Blood: Death and Sexting

Ice-T brings a special something to "Law & Order SVU."

He manages to have both been there and done that while still approaching each new case with a sense of complete incredulity.

Odafin “Fin” Tutuola joined the Special Victims Unit in 2000 during the show’s second season. His back story is he moved over from narcotics, slowly saw eye-to-eye with long-time partner Munch (Richard Belzer), and grapples with having a gay son. He's also into video games and, perhaps most importantly, not your typical cop.

When in discussions with producer Dick Wolf about joining the show, Wolf asked Ice-T, who made his name in gangster rap, how he felt about law enforcement.

‘’[Wolf]said, “Ice, you don’t like the cops, do you?” I said, “Not all of ‘em. I ain’t got problems. Some of ‘em are cool,” Ice-T recalled to Vice in 2013. “He said, “You admit we need ‘em.” I said, “Yeah.” He said, “Well, play the cop we need.” So that’s what you’re really seeing. It’s kinda like, if I was a cop, that’s how I’d act. The thing about being on 'SVU' is we’re going after child molesters and rapists. So I’m not bustin’ anybody in the gray area. I’m bustin’ real scum. They don’t even like them in prison. So if I gotta play a cop, lemme be an 'SVU'detective.”

This NBC super cut of Fin’s one-liners — best completely out of context, of course — shows us that Tutuola is definitely the SVU cop we all need.

Those are all quotes Ice-T actually said on the show. (Personal favorite is his response to Captain Cragen asking if he’s got any leads: “Stone cold no.”) There's art in the writing, but there's magic in the delivery.

After years of having Fin as a regular in our homes, working on solving cases just ripped from the headlines, but altered to be just a little off — in "SVU" the internet is populated with sites like MySite, FaceSpace, CraigsPhone and WhoseAround. In a world where FaceSpace is the major social media network, it feels like anything could happen.

A few years ago on Tumblr, graphic designer and writer Sean Tejaratchi imagined such a world. He nailed the tone of Ice-T's one liners and paired it with screen grabs and just took it up a level.

Inspired by these works of art, Steve Cvar made a Twitter bot, @icetsvu, which generates fake drugs and overlays them on screecaps of Ice-T. 

To make it all full-circle, Ice-T has seen them, and he is a fan.


For those who love Ice-T's take on crime, you are in luck. He will definitely have more when he hosts season 2 of "In Ice Cold Blood," airing Mondays at 8/7c on Oxygen.

 [Photos: NBC, LiarTownUSA]

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