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Crime News In Ice Cold Blood

Ice-T Talks Crime Cleanup And The Coldest Crime He's Ever Heard Of

Ice-T, who recently paired with Tide's #TurnToCold Movement, also revealed whether or not he does his own laundry.

By Becca van Sambeck
Ice T

As the host of Oxygen's series "In Ice Cold Blood," Ice-T knows there are some truly cold things people do for seemingly no reason. But while partnering with Tide's #TurnToCold campaign, he's teaching us about a cold thing people should do — for a very good reason.

Tide is using #TurnToCold to educate consumers about the environmental benefits of washing clothes in cold water as we celebrate Earth Month. Plus using cold water instead of hot while washing not only helps helps the environment, you save on your energy bill and it provides a better clean for your clothes.

And while it makes sense for Ice-T, a Grammy-winning artist and legendary TV star, to get involved – after all, his name is the definition of cold — we had to ask: Does he actually do his own laundry?

Well, no, but his wife, Coco, does. "I just let her know that from now on we’re going to use cold water since we already use Tide. Now, we’re going to save a few dollars on our energy bill and I like to have my clothes stay fresh longer. I hate putting clothes in the laundry and they come out destroyed, and that’s what happens when you use hot water," he told Oxygen in an interview.

He was inspired to join Tide's #TurnToCold Movement for a few reasons.

"I was approached by Tide through the movement and they explained to me all the benefits of washing in cold water, plus my name is Ice – so it was natural that I’d get involved, and they told me Stone Cold Steve Austin was going be involved in it so that makes it extra cool," he explained. "It was part being able to hang out with Steve Austin and another part that we’re sending a positive message cause it’s something people needed to know."

Ice-T, who is also a "Law and Order" star, spends a lot of time in the world of both crime TV and true crime. So, does he have any cool crime cleanup facts he's picked up over the years?

"I know that they use Luminol to find the blood. But a lot of people will attempt to clean up a crime scene, which I don’t even think Tide could clean that up. You shouldn’t commit a crime and expect Tide to help you there," he said. (Sorry, Tide!)

In fact, one of the coldest crimes he's heard of wouldn't require much clean-up: "One time someone stabbed someone with an icicle and hit him in the juggler with the icicle and the evidence/murder weapon dissolved and disappeared so there was no murder weapon. I’d say that’s pretty cold."

For more on Ice-T, you can watch "In Ice Cold Blood" on here. For more on Tide's #TurnToCold Movement, click here.

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