Laura Richards

Criminal behavior analyst Laura Richards is a renowned international expert on domestic violence, homicide, stalking, sexual violence and risk assessment. She has a BSc in Psychology and Sociology and a Masters in Forensic and Legal Psychology. She is the former Head of the Homicide Prevention Unit at New Scotland Yard and also trained with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Units. Richard’s founded Paladin, the world's first dedicated national advocacy service for stalking victims in the UK, and was one of the architects of the stalking and domestic violence coercive control law in England and Wales. She has penned the book Policing Domestic Violence and is the author of the DASH. On television, Richards has lent her expertise in a variety of projects including “The Case of: JonBenet,” “Killer Profile” and “Killer in the Family.” Laura also hosts the “Real Crime Profile” podcast along with Jim Clemente and Lisa Zambetti.