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Very Real

Kylie Jenner Got Her Wig Snatched At A Chris Brown Concert

It's hard out here in these streets.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Poor Kylie? Kylie Jenner stepped out to attend a Chris Brown concert in Anaheim, California on Friday night, presumably because her boo Tyga was set to perform with CB.  Sadly for Kylie, her night ended with harassment. As she was leaving the venue, a fan reached out and somehow made it past the bodyguards to yank on Kylie's hair, causing her head to snap back. She looked pretty shocked. TMZ (who else?) has a video of the incident streaming on their website.

Here's what remains to be seen: what was that fan even trying to do? Was she trying to fight Kylie? Did she just really like Kylie's new seafoam green hair and was willing to risk everything to touch it? Was she trying to prove to the world that the Kardashians/Jenners wear weave (even though, come on - duh)? Who knows. However, the weave assailant remains anonymous and at large, so ladies: protect ya necks.

In the meantime, a photo of Kylie's sad, abandoned track is below: it's that thing in the big, pointless red circle, in case you somehow missed it.