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Crime News

From Terrifying Killers To Unbelievable Crimes — Oxygen True Crime Documentaries To Watch Now

Audiences hungry for in-depth documentaries on chilling unsolved cases and serial killers can turn to Oxygen for something worth watching.

By Connor Mannion
Kemper Dahmer Manson G

For audiences seeking an escape from the current news, Oxygen is here to help with a number of gripping documentaries audiences can spend hours watching throughout the days and up into the nights.

From profiles of killers who will make your blood run cold to stories about men capable of monstrous malfeasance to deep dives into simply unbelievable crimes that gripped the nation throughout the years, you can find it on Oxygen.

It's easier than ever to binge Oxygen's many documentaries, which are available to stream on your TV, smartphone, or computer, wherever you are. Watch episodes with the Oxygen app, available on iOS and Android by simply entering your cable, digital, or satellite TV subscription information — or take advantage of three free credits Oxygen offers for watching without signing in. Most shows are also available on AppleTVAmazon Fire TV, and Roku and through Chromecast. Individual episodes can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, and Google Play as well. 

Shows that are in-season can be streamed live with your Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, or YouTube TV subscription. And you can always watch whole episodes right here at Oxygen.com by entering your cable subscription information. Pick the platform that works for you and start your streaming search with Oxygen

Here are some of the best documentaries you can watch now:

Many people first became aware of Ed Kemper, aka The Co-Ed Killer, through his chilling portrayal on Netflix's true crime series "Mindhunter," where he was played by actor Cameron Britton. Now, viewers can get a glimpse into the terrifying mind of the real Ed Kemper through the Oxygen special "Kemper On Kemper: Inside The Mind Of A Serial Killer."

In real life, Kemper notably took part in conversations with FBI special agents John Douglas and Bob Ressler for their study on serial killers. Along with Boston College professor Ann Burgess, the team used Kemper’s admissions about his life and murders to help build a system to profile future serial killers. 

Kemper on Kemper: "He Could Have Probably Killed Me with One Hand"

In 2015, Richard Matt and David Sweat's sudden escape from New York state's Clinton Correctional Facility in the town of Dannemora stunned an unsuspecting populace as they awaited news from the ensuing manhunt for the fugitives. 

"Dannemora Prison Break" dives into the psyche of those involved and details Sweat and Matt's relationship with accomplice Joyce Mitchell, exposing the pair as mastermind manipulators exercising a thrill for control.

About a month after their jailbreak, Matt was shot and killed by authorities, while Sweat was re-captured two days later. He was sentenced to an additional seven to 14 years for charges related to the breakout. Mitchell herself pleaded guilty to a felony charge of promoting prison contraband and a misdemeanor charge of criminal facilitation. She was released from prison earlier this year.

Dannemora Prison Break: David Sweat and Richard Matt Escape
Portrait of Nation of Yahweh leader Yahweh ben Yahweh.

At its peak in the late 1980s, the Nation Of Yahweh had thousands of followers and owned millions in real estate. Mixing messages of black power with fringe ideologies, adherents pledged their devotion to founder Yahweh ben Yahweh — a supposedly magnanimous figure who directed a group called the Death Angels to kill over a dozen people. 

Yahweh ultimately served nearly two decades in prison for his role in the killings and died in 2007, but his terrifying legacy is on full display in Oxygen's "Uncovered: The Cult of Yahweh Ben Yahweh." The documentary features exclusive interviews with former members of the cult and its religious leader who demanded total submission to his whims. 

Uncovered: The Cult of Yahweh Ben Yahweh Extended Sneak Peek

This documentary goes beyond the famed Los Angeles Times series to trace con artist John Meehan's trail of manipulation that started long before he met Debra Newell, acting as a companion piece to Bravo's hit dramatization of the "Dirty John" saga. Season 1 of the Bravo drama is currently available to stream on Netflix

Oxygen's "Dirty John, The Dirty Truth" takes a deep dive into Meehan's troubled past and his altercations with law enforcement, and features exclusive interviews with former girlfriends who speak out for the very first time to allow audiences to get a deeper look at the web of lies created by Meehan.

Dirty John, The Dirty Truth: Looking into John Meehan's Past

The rise and fall of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez has been the subject of countless articles and documentaries already. Oxygen's "Aaron Hernandez Uncovered" takes a new and incisive look at the former New England Patriots tight end who was eventually convicted for murder in the death of his sister's then-boyfriend Odin Lloyd — who was also a witness to other killings Hernandez was suspected of committing. The case was further muddled following Hernandez's suicide in prison after his conviction for murder.

Through never before seen interviews, audiences watching this documentary will learn there is much, much more to the Hernandez case than meets the eye. 

Aaron Hernandez Uncovered: Aaron's Letters
Charles Manson G

There is perhaps no criminal more embedded in the American imagination than Charles Manson, who was found responsible for the shocking murder of actress Sharon Tate and several others through his direction of his "Family."

Oxygen takes a look at the Family itself, specifically the women that Manson ensnared in his web of murder in the special, "Manson: The Women." Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, Sandra Good, Catherine Share, and Dianne Lake all speak in the documentary about their experiences living on Spahn Ranch with Manson, and what drove them to eventually follow Manson down his dark path.