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Crime News Injustice with Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace's 5 Most Notable Pop Culture Appearances

Big-haired and ready for battle: Nancy Grace is returning to television — but not before we count down her most iconic pop culture moments.

By Eric Shorey
Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace became a household name with her uncompromising advocacy of crime victims and now she's bringing her unique brand of truculent righteousness back to television on Oxygen's new show "Injustice With Nancy Grace."

On the new program, which debuts Saturday, July 13, Grace aims to expose wrongful accusations, botched investigations, suppressed evidence, and unjust sentences.

“Many cases may have been resolved in courts but not resolved in my mind," Grace says of the new show.

Grace began her career as a special prosecutor in Georgia, specifically dealing with serial murder and sexual crimes, but she would go on to find her true calling as a Court TV legal commentator in the mid-1990s. From then on, it would be almost impossible to avoid Grace if you were channel surfing before sunset.

So in anticipation of the the next chapter in her career, we're taking a look at some of Nancy's most memorable moments as pop culture's most beloved prosecutor.

1. "I'm not a dentist, but I can pull a tooth"


Grace wasn't exactly dispassionate when it came to the Trayvon Martin case. Setting her sights on George Zimmerman's bestie, Frank Taafe, Nancy sassily deconstructs a defense of the rogue neighborhood watchman before straight up cutting the guest's mic when he interrupts her. Iconic!

2. Nancy On The Arias Verdict


Grace tracked the progress of the Jodi Arias trial, vehemently condemning the accused murderess while dissecting her defense. When the conviction was finally announced live on television, Nancy could barely contain her feelings and openly wept on screen.

3. Ellen Abbott's On The Case In "Gone Girl"


Missi Pyle portrays the firebrand Ellen Abbot in the film "Gone Girl," a part inspired by Nancy Grace's omnipresence on daytime television. Acting as a kind of narrator, Abbot follows the twisting action of the murder mystery until its heart-wrenching conclusion.

"Well, I guess they kinda got the hair right," Grace later told NPR about Pyle's depiction.

4. Nancy Grace vs 2 Chainz


Nancy's not happy with pot proliferation, and this time she set her sights on the widely adored southern rapper 2 Chainz. The longstanding friendly feud between the two was played out on television — but fear not, they're both buds off camera.

5. #QueenOfAwesomeHashtags


In 2012, Gawker's Max Read proclaimed Nancy Grace the Queen of Hashtags in light of her prolific and sometimes unintentionally hilarious Twitter account. Read described her short posts — which included phrases like "#TooFatToKill" and "#HotCupOfPoison" —  as "small, violent tone poems sloughed of almost all meaning and beamed out to an unreplying universe."